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Graffiti-inspired Design

There are many different graffiti-inspired designs, like urban wear, magazine and web layouts, skateboard decks or something else. I will show you some very interesting and fresh, graffiti-inspired interior designs!

Spray-Can Cocktail Shaker

No joke, this stainless steel cocktail shaker that comes disguised as a graffiti-writer’s spray-can is what I ever wanted to have!

“What appears to be a paint can primed for graffiti is actually a cocktail shaker waiting to prime your pump – the cap of the shaker even has an arrow on the top, like a can of spray paint! The back of the can features a removable label full of drink recipes to try out on your amused guests.” (Via boingboing.net)

Graffiti inspired Design
Spray-Can Cocktail Shaker

Graffiti Candles

The Brooklyn, New York-based design studio Re-Surface has developed a new form of really useless, but still funky furnishings – Graffiti Candles!

“Their D-Light Pillar Candles are contained in slender cylindrical glasses with printed urban graphics inspired by graffiti. Though these candles are unscented, you can reuse the containers for other votives when you’ve worked through theirs. These candles come in 11 different designs and are super affordable at only $15 each.” (Via Freshness Mag)

I don’t know, whether some of you will go and buy a pair of these candles to put it into your room, but for birthdays or so it is a great idea…

Graffiti inspired Design
Graffiti Candles by Re-Surface

Spray Can Cap Nozzle Stool

As a tribute to significant urban artists and writers, the Swedish design duo Don’t Feed The Swedes (DFTS) has designed the Spray Can Cap Nozzle Stool. Model for this exceptional seat, which should not be missing in an ordinary sprayers room, was nothing less than a standard cap! Nice idea!
(Via coolhunting.com)

Update There’s another fat cap chair out there!

Graffiti inspired Design
Graffiti Nozzle Stool by DFTS

Graffiti Lamps

The third and last graffiti-inspired design elements for your room, I show you today, are the spray can lamps by graffiti artist Dash 2000 Fidel. He recycles old and used spray cans primarily from Los Angeles to these interesting graffiti lamps.

“Each Lamp is “trackable” to the specific art work that it was used to create, making the experience more life like, putting the artist and the journey together in an intriguing fashion.” (Via Dash 2000)

Graffiti inspired Design
Graffiti Lamps by Dash 2000
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