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Girl Power – Graffiti Movie

Yeah, do you know, that there will be a new documentary movie about women in the graffiti world? No? I will tell you some facts about it:

“Girl Power” is the name of that new graffiti film, which shows impressions and emotions from around the world. The film crew traveled with 20 graffiti girls to over ten cities, like Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Moscow, and so on.

For some weeks, the first teaser for the documentary movie, which will be released in 2011, is online! It presents some parts of the Berlin trip.

[youtube 1jW8xI7SOEo Girl Power]

“The idea behind the Girl Power project was born in Prague in 2008 during the filming of a short video with female graffiti artists. After its completion and success we thought, why not explore this topic a little deeper. Soon we realized that the central theme would be the subject of women in the world of graffiti.

In the film Girl Power its intention to capture the female perspective and its social implications in the context of the graffiti scene. Why do so few girls paint? What are their reasons? It’s a very bold and dangerous lifestyle, which tends to be associated with men. Yet there are women who have dedicated their lives, who seek out danger on their own accord and most importantly have a completely distinct approach to graffiti.

First and foremost, they consider it a form of entertainment and so they spice it up with various elements such as clothing, stylization, which is miniskirts, humorous masks, extravagant clothing or they will paint their nails and put a pink wig on. All these aspects give their form of graffiti a new dimension.

It’s more fun, varied and most of all, distinct from the male approach.”

For more info, visit theonly.cz.
Via just.blogsport.de.

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  1. Hi, I am producer and co-director of Girl Power movie (road documentary). Maybe it is interesting for you a new trailer is on a Youtube (with Czech or with English subtitles). Check our website for more information – section MEDIA ;)

  2. hi Ondrej!
    yeah, I know…here’s the new trailer.

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