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Freedom Of Space – Skateboard Culture in Public Space

Do you know the skateboarding documentation “Freedom Of Space”? I read about it some days ago and thought, it’s a bit dated, but who cares?!

When most people think of the word environment, say think of rivers, mountains and lakes – the natural environment. But for most of us, our environment is quite different. (The introduction)

Freedom Of Space is a very interesting film, by Steve Olpin and Tim Irvin, about skateboard culture in public space. It has a look at the street skaters and their social and political conflict with the urban environment and publicity.

The film comments on the modern functionality of urban landscape/ public space and tries to get to the bottom of skateboarding as critical redetermination of our habitat. Well worth seeing!

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  1. this skate video is probably the best one ive ever seen. there’s so much stuff in this video that the public needs to see. my favorite scene (and not because i live right outside of Philadelphia) is the part where they talk about the mayor taking one million dollars to make love park, one of the biggest skateboarding landmarks the world, “unskateable.” of course the skateboarders, looked at it and said thank you. there is something new for us to skate. vans even offered them 100,000 dollars a year to let skaters skate there, but he didn’t take on the offer.
    in fact his republican counterpart said he would legalize skateboarding in love park to try and win the mayor spot, but unfortunately, it didnt work.
    as for myself, im not very good at skateboarding, although it is one of my favorite things to watch. i can do a couple of basic tricks, but have recently stopped because i dont have the money to do it, and that music has taken over my life.
    and last but not least, rest in peace Edmond Bacon, for you were a man who revolutionized the meaning of revolution.

  2. I believe you’re thinking of Love Fountain. its a mad huge spot.

  3. no, its def. Love Park.


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