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About Brenna Urban

About Brenna Urban

Brenna Urban is urban art enthusiast and the owner of Urban Art Core – this is his story!

Jan Brennenstuhl, aka Brenna Urban, born 1988 in the Eastern-part of Berlin, Germany, grew up in between mortal remains of the real socialism and multicultural, subcultural ideas of squatting and creative designing of public space. Influenced by those two contrary mindsets, he started photographing street art in 2006 to document this breaking new, but totally temporary form of urban art.

Brenna Urban: Science vs. Art

Nowadays, he is a computer science master-student at University Potsdam by profession. By passion he is a priceless contribution to the graffiti scene with his international street art and graffiti blog www.urbanartcore.eu, which spreads the urban Berlin voice loud and clear to metropolises far and wide.

As founder and author of www.urbanartcore.eu, which launched in 2009 and has now become a well-known source for news about urban art forms and its artists, Brenna provides a platform of communication for both artists and enthusiasts alike, presenting international news about urban art activities, interventions, street art, urban-inspired design, exhibitions and a lot more goodies as well up to the last minute essential happenings.

His close knit, almost family bonds with prominent street artists from both Berlin and around the world including Buff Diss, Morten Andersen, FinDAC, Rallito X and Danny Doom naturally developed into a large collection of intimate photographs following studio visits and street actions of some of his, and our own favourite heroes. A virtual home was desperately needed for all the precious documentation so the portfolio www.urbanart-photography.eu was born.

Westberlin Gallery, June 2011

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Urban Art Core is your independent, international source for street art, graffiti and urbanism from around the world, mainly focused on stories, news and actions taking place in urban environments.

It spreads the urban Berlin voice loud and clear to metropolises far and wide and celebrates the urban arts, urban exploration movement and guerilla art interventions with news about artists, trends and exhibitions, since 2009.

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