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Board Mediaspree, Create Free Spaces!

A spectre is haunting Berlin – the spectre of Mediaspree! Those of you, who already have been in know, that Berlin is Germany’s capital of urban free spaces, but for years the Mediaspree spectre is haunting the city. Mediaspree is a group of investors, which is in the act of building high office blocks and luxury apartments on the former free spaces in Berlin’s city.

Some of the most popular free spaces are the non-private spaces along the Spree’s riverside (The Spree is the river, which crosses Berlin…). These alternative bars, beach areas and parks are so much part of the air we all breathe that we can’t even think of a world without them. For that reason, 30.​000 people (An overwhelming majority!) voted in a referendum against Mediaspree and its gentrification plannings in 2008. But nothing happens…

Because of that facts, the people will take over control! They will try to board and stop Mediaspree with creative actions, interventions, squattings, a lot bags of paint and demonstrations. They will create urban free spaces for everyone, not only for private investors, their companies and friends. In my opinion, the cities (not only Berlin) don’t need commercial projects like Mediaspree, with their supersized new buildings and higher rents! I think the urban citizen want and naturally need free urban spaces! What do you think? Maybe you know any similar protests around the world?

This Saturday is the main action day against Mediaspree. I will participate in the protest and try to take some nice shots of the actions. If you will also be in Berlin this weekend, join the mass-demonstrations and actions. If you could not be in Berlin, spread the word to show your solidarity with Mediaspree’s antagonist!

For more info, visit mediaspreeentern.blogsport.de (ger).

Board Mediaspree, Create Free Spaces!

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