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Banksy’s “Wall & Piece” Winnable!

Today you can win one of five books about one of the most famous street artists worldwide on Urbanartcore.eu – “Banksy – Wall & Piece”.

Update: The lottery ended, so any further comments won’t be accepted! The winners will be informed…

Street Art Lottery | From now on Banksy’s so called street art documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is also shown in German cinemas! For that reason I will give away five issues of Banksy’s “Wall & Piece” book!

The book (ISBN: 978-3-9809909-9-8) was published in 2006 by Publikat and comes with about 200 coloured pages presenting the artworks which made Banksy famous and reknown. All you have to do to get a chance to win a book is to write one, two or three sentences about “Why I like Banksy’s street artworks?” in the comment area below.

For those who want to know more about “Exit Through The Gift Shop” I recommend the short review I wrote after I watched the film at the Berlinale Film Festival earlier this year.

Conditions of Participation All of these five conditions have to be complied:

  • Use a valid and correct e-mail-address!
  • Describe in one, two or three sentences why you like Banksy’s street artworks!
  • Deadline is October 24th, 11.59 pm!
  • A random generator will choose the winners!
  • After participation deadline I will try to contact the winners. If a winner does not respond after 24 hours,
    someone else will get the book.

Those of you don’t trust in their luck can buy the book on stylefile.com! I’m looking forward to read your creative comments…

Banksy’s “Wall & Piece” Winnable!

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  1. I like Banksy. He definitely changed the mental environment for a lot of people with his street art. And: Banksy of England! Gooood stuff :) cheers K

  2. I like his clean style and his humorous approach to political messages.

  3. I like his smart massages.

  4. I like Banksy’s street art because it is so unique and every time there is some concept behind it.
    I’ve started to do art after been in London: Banksy was really a massive inspiration!

  5. Banksy’s stuff is signed by perfection. It’s clean and well done. The mixtures between different mediums is nice. Anyway, I don’t like the whole sell-out story.

  6. i like banksy and his art. he is as mysterious as he is talented and humorous, he is able to play with/manipulate/talk to us in such a smart way. i love when an artist invites us to THINK, which he does…

  7. I feel I should do like with my old school assignments, and start my answer with the question.

    ‘I like Banksy’s street artworks because. . . ‘

    - they are for the people.
    - both in the methods used to put them up, and in their content, they are subversive in the best of ways.
    - aesthetic beauty is essential to a well rounded life.

  8. he brought the street art to the masses – you can love him or hate him for that

  9. Banksy has a clever eye on the society, that’s why i like his work.

  10. Well, I really appreciate Banksy’s highly political actions like the “guantanamo-detainee” at Disneyland. Goes straight to the point! In his stencils first of all I like the often surprising and unexpected connections among different elements.

  11. Banksy helped to really move street art into social criticisms and commentaries, at least into popular attention. Much of graffiti originated before NYC artists as a way to write messages of protest.

    Banksy helped bring this back with his ingenious humor, accessible aesthetic, and great conceptual work.

  12. I like Banksy’s street artworks because they have humorous anti establishment flair to them.

  13. banksy put the art into streetart and he put’s the streetart in the museum.

    and i like the style of his work.

  14. A Banksy always makes me smile…

  15. Because he earned his way to where he now by doing what he is compelled to do. He’s ballsy, socially conscious, and despite working all the damn time, never appears to run out of clever, witty ideas.

  16. Scout of the Great Awakening!

  17. I love is artwork, because its like a big mirror of society. People look at it and have to face the problems of our modern world. He points out the uselessness of some of our actions and lets us know, whats really important in life.

  18. Banksy makes the world a better place and has the positive side-effect that the world looks much more beautiful afterwards, too.

  19. It’s fantastic when art imitates life. But with Banksy, I just wish life imitated art.

  20. Because his work is a quiet demonstration and a protest against everything wrong on this planet.
    He brings the street-art tought into the money based art-machinery.
    Banksy makes people smile, cry and think at the same time.

  21. Banksy’s work is smart. He criticizes society or politics in a humerous way and sometimes you have to think twice to get it.

  22. It’s simply awesome. Subversive and subliminal, how can one not like that?

  23. I love the way Banksy sends a message to the world being at the same time a the part of it and way out of it. Also the way he plays with the ball thrown back at him sometimes.

  24. Banksy is on top. he’s aktually the king.

  25. Banksy’s work is like a simple riddle that engages the viewer by making one think. By presenting ideas in this format Banksy draws his audience in encouraging participation rather than lecturing them.

  26. What Banksy does, has been revolutionary. He has a unique way of showing everyone who dares to think about his works, what he has to say about society. For me, his pieces are examples of how one can really influence society and challenge peoples way to behave in everyday life.

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