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Review: Banksy’s Street Art Documentary

Today was my Banksy day – I watched his street art documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” at the Berlinale Film Festival!

Right at the start a warning:
Those of you who don’t want to know any info about the content of Banksy’s film should stop reading this article, the rest of you will now read my short “Exit Through The Gift Shop” review…

First of all I have to say that the film is really great – I love it. It isn’t one of these street art documentaries you already know, it’s something bigger! “Exit Through The Gift Shop” tells the story of Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash and how his “Life is beautiful” art show overtrumped Banksy’s legendary “Barely legal” urban art exhibition and shows how stupid the international art market works.

Brainwash, who displays some behavioural problems, started after the death of his mother to film everything – his family, foreign people and other things. Although that has nothing directly to do with street art, there’s an very interesting fact about his family: Mr. Brainwash’s cousin is nobody else than French urban artist Space Invader!

With the help of Invader, Brainwash gets in contact with other famous artists like Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Zeus, Burf, Buffmonster, Ron English, etc. and of course Banksy – Always filming them while pasting, spraying and painting, until he began doing street art and copying other artists himself. The man who told him to do so was of course no one else than Banksy…

Afterwards, the film shows the making of Mr. Brainwash’s successful break-through – The Mr. Brainwash “Life is beautiful” exhibition in LA – and we learn that Banksy took him along to several street art actions.

The film is spiked with hilarious comments by a blurred and voice-deformed Banksy and its story is so crazy that I was wondering whether this whole thing really happens after the screening…

“Exit Through The Gift Shop” is a masterpiece of a street art documentary, a great film for those who have no knowledge about street art and its pioneers and a even greater film for those you have!
Watch the trailer now!

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  1. Did banksy produce mbw to ridicule his own scene like he does to so many others? Or am I just looking for genius behind that turd of a person?

    • There have been rumors that the whole MBW was a creation of Banksy’s to prove What the artworld has or perhaps always was . . .SHIT.
      If it is true then I can’t WAIT for the day for him to step forward and say ‘yeah, it’s all bullshit, I made it up’. Then all the IDIOTS that spent thousands on ‘MBW Art’ would be not only screwed but proven as an Idiot!.
      Whether Guetta is real or not it doesn’t really matter cause either way it proves the same point in the end.

  2. banksy just literaly killed his bloody “sceen” by letting “tbw” shit all over it ahahha

  3. Mr Brainwash is a great concept..love it! Clever film by Banksy there. Taking the Banksy brand one step further.. Keep up the good work.

  4. i don’t respect him at all. he’s a fraud and just copied everyone else idea and just sold out. An abomination to street art.

  5. i love the fact that you can see a bottle of scotch next to banksy while he’s being interviewed :D, banksy is truly a king, and mister brainwash is nothing but horse poo

  6. I don’t give a fuck about the street art scene. I say if you want to go make art on walls go do it. The problem with “scenes” is that they create guidelines and ways of doing things. Do what you need to do.

  7. Unless banksy has a time machine I doubt he could have ‘created’ mbw.
    Street art isn’t just about it being on the street, it’s an arguement and statement against the insanity in Society and infact the entire world. MBR is a living, breathing, walking example of such stupidity and banksy and other street artists instead of just sitting around a bitching about how theirry ‘diddn’t play the game’ did something about it.
    They made a very good Movie!! And whether you like banksy or not it doesn’t change the fact the MBW is the ‘Twilight’ of the artworld.
    Hyped, Hyped and Hyped bbut in the end turned out to be an almost violating waste of time.

    If Legitamte street art was legal at least waiting for a train or a walk down the road would NEVER be boring and the people would probably be more ope minded and aware.

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