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Banksy Did It – Film Awards & Lottery!

Today you can win one of three DVDs of the award-winming street art documentary by Banksy on Urbanartcore.eu – “Exit Through The Gift Shop”.

Update: The lottery ended, so any further comments won’t be accepted! The winners will be informed…

Street Art Lottery | Yesterday, Banksy’s street art market documentary just missed winning the Academy Award’s “Best Documentary” category. But hey, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” won the Film Independent Spirit Awards and that’s at least as good!

For that reason I will give away three “Exit Through The Gift Shop” DVDs! All you have to do to get a chance to win a DVD is

  • to write one, two or three sentences in the comment area below or
  • to like and/ or comment the corresponding post on the Urban Artcore fan-page on Facebook or
  • to retweet this message on Twitter:
    “RT @berlinpiraten to win a Banksy DVD! http://goo.gl/sckkb #uacbanksy”

Conditions of Participation All of these four conditions have to be complied:

  • Use a valid and correct e-mail-address for the comments!
  • Deadline is March 1st, 11.59 pm GMT!
  • A random generator will choose the winners!
  • After participation deadline I will try to contact the winners. If a winner does not respond after 24 hours, someone else will get the DVD.

Good luck and have fun! Those of you who don’t trust in their luck can buy the DVD on Amazon!

Banksy Did It   Film Awards & Lottery!

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  1. It would be well deserved if he won the Oscars.
    Also i think it was just because of his identity that they changed minds.

    Hope i am lucky enough to win! :)

  2. Saw it at Berlinale 2010, and loved every second. Still not sure if it’s all a sophisticated orchestration by Banksy.

  3. Awesome.
    Well deserved prize.

  4. I watched it twice in the cinema, but unfortunately Banksy didn’t win the Oscar. Yet another Sony production won the Oscar about the financial crisis over the past years. Anyway, the movie is great and one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

  5. I have watched the Oscars just for the moment when Gift Shop wins and Banksy fucks the fuck out of this boring fuck.
    I wanna have this DVD.

  6. I saw this movie in a small but very nice cinema in Bonn and I really enjoyed watching it.
    The way of Resistance should be a creative one too.

  7. i have to say i would have loved to see what would have happen if he’d won, but i’m glad Inside Job got it. I prefer Exit, but Inside Job needs as much exposure as it can get. it’s an extremely important film and should be seen by everyone. it expose the scum that run our banks and wallstreet. i think even Banksy would agree that it needed the coverage.

  8. Hyper hyper how much is the banksy? This is all bs i am sorry. Give someone a mask and a can and i make him famous to! Do not get me wrong i like his paintings and his shit but come on do not make him bigger then he his!!!

  9. We need to restart the Oscars, I’m craving to know what banksy had in store for the evening if he had won.

  10. Me did not receive a email…does that mean that i did not win? and that does mean banksy made a looser out of me?

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