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Without Attribution: Michael Kadaz Stencil Art

Yes I know, everything is a remix and shared knowledge and shared creativity is great (that’s why all my photos are cc-licensed), but have you ever heard something about Michael Kadaz?

Kadaz makes his money by copy and auction off reproduced stencil artworks by internationally well-known and successful stencil artists like Dolk, Grafter, Hutch, Mr. Brainwash, of course Banksy, and so on. And it’s not just something like an inspirational copying! He signs the works with his name and I wasn’t able to find a pointer to an attribution or something like that anywhere…

I may text him a message via Facebook and ask what’s his problem with attributing the stencil artworks…Maybe you should write him a lovely message too! Unbelievable.

Without Attribution: Michael Kadaz Stencil Art
Without Attribution: Michael Kadaz Stencil Art

Via touchedbythoughts.

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  1. what you’re failing to notice is that, with the exception of very few pieces, all stencil art is made from photos taken by someone else other than the stencil artist. eg, DOLK didn’t create that image of a banana, and didn’t take the photo of the chimp. so this Kadaz fella is just making shitty art out of shitty art which was made out of shitty art!

    And it just goes to show how easy it is to cut a stencil. I think it’s time we all got over this Blek/Banksy wank-fest and started coming up with new ways to work with stencils, like Evol does. If I see another stencil of a face, or a grey-scale image of a person, I think I will puke

    But I’ll be sure to puke through a stencil of a rat so that I can sell it as a Michael Kadaz piece ;-)

  2. @Not a stencil Art fan
    Sure, stencils are mainly from photos but he is copying both execution AND THE IDEAS behind the art. He’s not adding to it in any way. If I had taken the monkey & banana photos and showed the money riding it, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Stencils may not be your cup of tea but it doesn’t mean he can rip people off.

  3. Thank you not a stencil art fan for puking this with us
    Opinion shared 100%
    Tired of this bullshit
    Theres so much real great street artists there…

    Michael kadaz is really a douchebag tough.

  4. More power to him if he can sell this thrice recycled shite to idiots.

    I have no respect at all for any of the artists mentioned and most of Warhol who kick started this lazy art trend.

  5. Kadaz is just reminding us where the street art comes from, no copyrights, no licensed, and over all, no PROFIT! art against art…
    I use to like it when the street art was illegal and an expression of rage, not the popularity contest of these days

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