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Aerosol Fumes – Top Stencil Artists

Yippieh, 2010 will start with an extravagant street art show! The five most well-known Berlin-based stencil artists – Bohomaz, Czarnobyl, Emess, Evol and Pisa73 – will exhibit together in the Neurotitan Gallery. That very special and rare group-exhibition will be the first urban art highlight in the upcoming year.

I’m so happy, ’cause for me stencil art is very important. My interests in street and urban art were stimulated by it and my first steps in being a part of the urban art scene were planning, cutting and spraying stencils.

The second reason for awaiting the “Aerosol Fumes” stencil exhibition with pleasure is, that I love the artworks of these outstanding artists. I like it to see the different concepts of creating and combining stencils next to each other…

Some words about the artists:

Czarnobyl – Born 1974 in Poland, he lives and works in Berlin since 1993. Already in 1990 he began to take an interest in cutting stencils to express his feelings and ideas. His recent artworks are characterized by their richness of detail and color grades.

Evol – His stencil artworks are really urban, because they show urban interior like house-facades, garbage bins, and others in a fantastic and detailed way. His stencil art cities are known around the globe.

Pisa73 – Pisa73’s artworks combine creative fine stencil techniques and acrylic painting with his graffiti, punk and skateboarding backgrounds. One interesting part of his new artworks is, that Pisa73 evolved the classic, often planar stencil art technique to a rough speckled form.

Emess – In contrast to the others, Emess creates brilliant stencil collages. His latest show “What’s the colour of money?” presented a large number of interesting and often humorous mashups of famous personalities depicted on currencies like the dollar, the pound, or others.

Bohomaz – His style is characterized by monochromy and mysterie. His stencil-templates are always hand-cuts and their motives combine elements of different arts periods.

I hope, you are interested now and we will meet each other at the “Aerosol Fumes” opening on January 15th, 7pm at the Neurotitan Gallery, Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin.

Aerosol Fumes   Top Stencil Artists
Czarnobyl – Stencil Art

Aerosol Fumes   Top Stencil Artists

Aerosol Fumes   Top Stencil Artists

Aerosol Fumes   Top Stencil Artists

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