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1UP Graffiti Documentary Review

1UP Graffiti Documentary Review

Yesterday finally was the big day. Berlin’s famous 1UP crew and the Babylon Cinema presented together the film that the world has been waiting for so long: One United Power! And of course, myself and a couple of friends joined the film premiere…

With an completely sold out screening hall and although everybody knew that certainly also undercover cops have been around, the atmosphere could not have been better and reached the first peak, when the audience was called upon to put on the free 1UP supporter ski masks for an unique 1UP group-photo. I had the chance to glance at the entire audience and it just looked awesome, for what reason I’m really looking forward to see the official photos!

However, the feature film itself started like every good documentary with some pretty nice tracking shots from the roofs of Berlin and introduced us to the history of 1UP crew with some quite funny statements and uncountable impressions of 1UP pieces.

We watched crew members painting trains and subways during daytime and night, followed them to the roofs and other great spots and got in that way a great insight into what you are able to do with enough smartness, power and addiction. And although the footage wasn’t always the best (some situations reminded me on Blair Witch Project…) it in the end doesn’t matter because of the importance of those action packed snapshots.

Riddled with awesome statements by 1UP graffiti lovers and haters from the streets of Kreuzberg, unbelievable whole-trains and risky actions One United Power by 1UP crew is in my eyes probably one of the best German graffiti documentaries and for that reason a must to have. The audience partied 1UP with spontaneous applause and cheering anyway, it was just great!

The film comes in a double DVD box with different possible subtitles (English, Russian, etc.) and lots of bonus material (watch the trailer here!) and is available via stylefile.com. I’m keen to watch the film again and will definitely grab a copy!

Thumbs up 1UP!

1UP Graffiti Documentary Review

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